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Robot Tennis Club's rowdy yet vulnerable debut LP features charging and dynamic guitar riffs, bitingly catchy lyrical hooks and indulgent bass grooves. The creative and playful drums bring it together in an unexpected but lush sonic landscape.


It surveys themes of home in the eyes of the naive, and how our worldview changes as our idea of home does. The album contains imagery of doors that are physically too small for "bigger" people to fit through. These doors, also depicted on the album cover, could symbolize absence of the better people we needed in our youth, and the possibility of us finding or becoming them later. Some of these songs were written when the trio was as young as 16, so they hold an important and nostalgic place in our hearts.


Press Bio:

Fresh out of Sophomore year, Nina Dorighi and Laura Steadman were pulled into a band by a music teacher in Denver. They hardly knew each other until one night when their other bandmates didn’t show up for rehearsal. Here, Laura was encouraged to share a song she’d been writing and the two instantly bonded thanks to the poignant vulnerability in the lyrics.

Laura had been writing songs since middle school, aspiring to the idea that someday they could help her connect with people. Having never written songs before, Nina stepped right up to the plate with lyrics, melodies and guitar parts that she would sing so that Laura could play. 


Ranging from piercing, raucous noise to brighter, more sparse grooves - the band is influenced by Paramore, Hop Along and Veruca Salt. 

Their debut LP “If These Walls Could Talk You Wouldn’t Listen” came out in early 2023. You can learn more by visiting their website

Venue Bio:

Robot Tennis Club’s debut LP, “If These Walls Could Talk, You Wouldn’t Listen” surveys themes of youthfulness and lack thereof, chronicles the strange cycles we find ourselves in, and is overall a slice of who this trio is and who they hope to become. 


With bass grooves as toe tappin as the Talking Heads and lyrics that are just straight up heartbreaking, the record aims to be as emotionally confusing as well… life is. The trio fosters a similarly emotionally confusing community within their live show. A physical space where we can go to laugh, cry, dance and be connected to each other. A space that doesn’t exist without music, and boy are we lucky to have it.

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